Recent Incidents

System load times

By Systemwide
RESOLVED: Shortly after 7:00am MT on June 14, 2019, we began to experience severe slowness and error timeouts throughout CampMinder and CampInTouch. The Engineering team worked through emergency protocols to diagnose the issue and work toward a resolution.   After several attempts to resolve the issue, the team determined an...
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Page Load Times

By CampInTouch, Maintenance, Systemwide
10:05 AM MDT, March 22  RESOLVED: After our maintenance window last night and monitoring of traffic today, we are no longer experiencing issues with latency or timeouts.  If you continue to experience any slowness, please reach out to our Support team for further assistance. We truly appreciate your patience and understanding as...
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Microsoft Azure Outage

By Uncategorized
2:35pm MDT -- RESOLVED: Our Engineering team has been hard at work testing the system, and we're happy to report that CampMinder and CampInTouch are available again. We do expect initial slowness as we're spinning up servers to normal levels. Normal system speeds should return within the next few hours....
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